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14.5ft x 24ft x 13.5ft Its my Birthday theme

Its My Birthday party theme 14.5ft x 24ft x 13.5ft


Size 14.5ft wide x 24ft length x 13.5ft height . Please note This is the Actual size of the Bouncy Castle from the front step to the back of the fan

Great for your childrens birthdays ,our bright and bouncy party themed castle is a must.

Or just for a warm summer day of fun its also fitted with a sunshade/shower cover for those unexpected british showers.

Can only be hired with access to property's with flat ground no steps as this unit is very heavy.
Please ensure there is enough space at the venue you want the unit to be set up at. The castles will also need at least 2ft clear at sides for access to the fan/blower.

Price: £65

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Indoors on Artificial Grass
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors Under Cover

Age RangeSuitable
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